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3200 @ 60 mph...ouch! But 31-32 is pretty good if you do a lot of highway driving. I assume you have the 2.0L with the variable intake?

I would say to poke around the site, read the stickies and see what looks interesting. If you're mechanically adventurous, looking into the possibility of swapping gears comes to mind. Aero is important at higher speeds too.

As far as accelerating, many will argue slower is better, faster is better -- I would try a few techniques -- but avoid full-throttle: it sends the car into "Open Loop" (I assume your engine is fuel injected).

Engines are most efficient under load, and since you may have the torque-building technology of the variable intake, find someplace comfortable to shoot for -- say 2500 RPM with 75% throttle and shift, repeat -- get up to your target speed and learn some techniques for momentum control.

I have the Integra automatic, which isn't so bad at 60 MPH: 2700 RPM -- but I could sure use a manual trans. Our engines produce about the same amount of power (and is similar in dimension). Mine runs best at around 45 MPH (or 1700 RPM). Winter for me is about where you're at now. Without having specs on your engine, 2500 might be the area to cruise (albeit slow). Manual Tegs generally run in the low 30's with the manual.

If you work at it, I bet you could see some decent gains in mileage.

Best FE to ya...

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