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The insanity starts

The last part of 2009 I pulled the heads off the engine to get 2 stuck and non functioning glow plugs removed and port and polish the intake and exhaust ports.
That project quickly snowballed out of control.
As I tore the engine down more and more I found more and more problems. First it was broken glow plug tips jammed into the crown of 2 pistons. Then very bad cylinder bore taper then to top it off I found minor block cracks.
Fast forward 14 months later:
The heavily modified 6.2L/6.5T hybrid motor goes in.
I had a well known local diesel machine shop ballance the engine internals.
Picked up a "fluidampr" harmonic ballancer. (not cheap)
File fitted top, second and oil rings for each cylinder.
modified the oil ring spring to be "low tention" for less ring friction.
Ported and polished the heads
reseated the valves.
Polished the back side of the valves.
Machined the heads for valve seals (to consume less oil)
Bought a new updated 6.5L turbo block and got ahold of a like new, but used turbo crank.
Reused the 6.2L non-turbo heads on the 6.5L short block, that resulted in 22:1 compression ratio.
Went against every one on "dieselplace dot com" and converted the engine over to an electric water pump.
All the mods I did my self, unless noted. All the mods were done to improve fuel economy, power and allow less oil to be leaked or consumed.
I got it fired up and running good then 3 days later I had to go to afghanistan.
So I have no idea what kind of fuel milage the new engine gets. But, useing the same injector pump fuel settings as before the new high compression engine has a lot more power and made no smoke what so ever (that means all the fuel is getting burned now).
The truck has been sitting for months, untouched in that configuration.

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