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Siitin - '98 Seat Cordoba Vario
90 day: 58.56 mpg (US)

VW Lupo 3L --> 2L - '00 VolksWagen Lupo 3L
90 day: 104.94 mpg (US)

A8 luxury fuel sipper - '97 Audi A8 1.2 TDI 6 speed manual
90 day: 64.64 mpg (US)

Audi A4B6 Avant Niistäjä - '02 Audi A4b6 1.9tdi 96kW 3L
90 day: 54.57 mpg (US)

Tourekki - '04 VW Touareg 2.5TDI R5 6 speed manual
90 day: 32.98 mpg (US)

A2 1.4TDI - '03 Audi A2 1.4 TDI
90 day: 45.68 mpg (US)

A2 1.4 LPG - '02 Audi A2 1.4 (75hp)
90 day: 24.67 mpg (US)
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VW Lupo 3L --> 2L (2014 unofficial target: standing mile end speed 300 km/h )


Edit: Pictures from the project can be found:!/...3642791&type=1
And please like my page if you have facebook account .

Mods done so far:
3.5 bars at the tires
145/80R14 Bridgeatone B381 ecopias--> 5% taller gearing
DRL led lights
DIY smooth hubcaps
DIY Front grill block mk3
DIY Smaller mirrors with boattail covers mk1
DIY full smooth undertray mk2
DIY rear wheel skirts
DIY high flow exhaust pipe, mk2
Radio antenna delete
EGR delete
-60mm lowering
Toe and camber adjusted to zero
- BV35 turbo
- water injection
- New exhaust manifold
- ECU programmed software version ~25
- Converted the car to manual
- Extra wastegate
- Intercooling ducting
- Throttle pedal spring limiter to 80% to ease economical accelerations

At the moment roof chopping under construction and lots of other mods.

Weight savings:
rear seat -13kg
exhaust pipe -7kg
Dashboard -30kg
Right front seat -12.5 kg
DIY clasfiber drivers seat with fan cooling -5 kg
Two litium batteries -15kg (900grams per piece)

Best fuel consumption so far 1.94 l/100km @ 86.9 km/h or 121.07 mpg (US) at 54 MPH

Best fuel consumption @100 km/h speed 2.158 l/100km.

Best standing mile 199.8 km/h

picture after two liter tank:

Its quite fast if needed .

For summer 2014 Lupo will get a 1.9 tdi with about 350 hp and target is to beat some standing mile records, I am hoping lupo will reach 300 km/h club. I am not doing the modifications I just gave the car for good purpose. I hoping speed freaks will start to think aeromodding serious option for more speed after next summer .


Vesa Tiainen innovation engineer and automotive enthusiast

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