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Originally Posted by brucepick View Post
Nicely done.
I'm curious whether your setup works the way mine does - do you get a yellow check engine light that goes out a few seconds after you let go of the cutoff button?
The check engine light goes on immediately, I wait a beat, and the second the battery and oil lights go on (sometimes battery first) I re-engage the FI ground. It is very tiddy. Generally the ECU does not cut-off and the UG stays functional, though the stock speedometer cuts off temporarily [EDIT: the speedo stays on]. The check engine light turns off when I re-engage the ground, but the oil and battery lights stay on, of course, until I bump start the engine.

Originally Posted by brucepick View Post
I broke the continuity of a wire under the hood, near the driver's side hood hinge. I was never able to trace it completely to the injector area, thus I'm interested to know if yours behaves the same. Tomorrow I'll check the color of my wire and edit this post with the info.
I see I forgot to add the actual shot of the FI-relay as installed behind the glove box. I'll figure out a way to edit post and add it now. Sounds to me like your and mine behave the same way.

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