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Originally Posted by dremd View Post
I have a good buddy with an 07 Focus 3 door hatch, very well put together vehicle, not any extra parts, I'm generally impressed, fun/ stiff chassis as well.
I'll agree that the new 04+ Focus series (US) is a good value. On the other hand, I've rented several and found some issues with initial quality, A/C mold issues, and the steering / front suspension being loose or vibrating.

Otherwise, it handles well, gets good FE, and is reasonably priced. My good friend bought a 2000 ZTS Sedan new, and has a mixed response with it. The first model year brought MANY recalls and hard-to-diagnose gremlins. Subsequent models improved quality. He still has it at 100K miles+ (dedicated Ford guy). I drove the 5-speed model that same year and was really impressed with it. I already had a '99 Civic Si at the time, which (IMHO) was the best combination of sport (160 hp from 1.6L), utility (fold-down seats), and efficiency when not driven hard (at that time, rarely ). It was super-reliable until I traded it at 40K miles...silly me.

As Daox suggested, look at all the options. You seem to have a strong feeling to Ford because of a friend. I implore you to examine all the options, do some research, and be yourself -- choose the vehicle that you want.

My 2-pence...

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