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Originally Posted by echo-francis View Post
how did you attach the rear wheel skirt?
To attach my wheel skirts, I first drilled into the lip on the wheel well where the body panel ended. With those holes, I used self-tapping screws (with silicone to prevent the body panel from rusting) to attach aluminum L-brackets to. The top three screws on each wheel skirt are connected directly to the L-brackets with the use of a U-speed nut. The two screws on each end hold an aluminum strip of metal that runs across the wheel that I cut longer than the length of the wheel well to keep the skirts bowed out so as not to contact the tires. My inspiration was taken from this thread.

I will post pictures in a couple of days to help explain because my explanation is probably lousy.

see the tread in my signature on underbelly pan. should provide you with ideas!
Thanks, I've already read your thread, and it seems like a good idea. I already tried using pop cans and that didn't really work and the catalytic converter ended up melting through the front panel. Then, I took the panel off and just cut around the hole so the exhaust wouldn't contact the coroplast. For now, I am pleased with it, but if I decide to clean it up, I will most likely use a mesh screen covering like you did and save myself the worry.

I will soon be posting pictures of my underbody panelling when I get a chance.

Originally Posted by Tango Charlie
You know how when you buy a car, and then you start noticing how many others there are on the road? Yeah, that doesn't happen with a 1st gen Insight.

AV Build Thread
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