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Sorry for asking questions, we get lots of people here who complain about gas mileage and have never considered anything other then an SUV. not that you cannot drive anything you want.

Also I am not an eco-freak, I like to mod my car but I am a gun loving, country guy just trying to save $$. being eco friendly is last on my list of concerns. Every one on here is different and has different motives (which we are all cool with) but blasting people who are trying to help will get you zero help. Tolerating others polite remarks (eco or not) is required, I do not like some peoples rants about carbon pollution.... but I can still politely listen to their suggestions for better MPG.

Adding adding acetone has been tried many times and I have yet to see any proven (give me hard data) to show it works. I tried it myself and could not determine any difference. it also runs the strong risk of breaking seals and gaskets.

As for E-10 I can not find any local stations that do not have a minimum of 10% Some states use MTBE as an knock additive but that leaches into and pollutes ground water making in unsafe to drink so most states banned it and the next cheapest solution was ethanol.

In your looking around have you seen our wiki of mod ideas? it might give you some modding ideas that have shown great results:
Car MPG Efficiency Modifications Main - EcoModder
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