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Black & Green mod & maintain thread (1998 Civic DX Coupe base)

A while back MetroMPG wondered aloud on my transmission swap thread if I had a general build thread for "Black and Green." I didn't. I do now. I'll use this thread to discuss and document future mods. My one "ecomod" planned for the near future is a group of aerodynamic mods to the tail end of the car: (1) rear wheel skirts; (2) rear box void that includes a flat trunk lid spoiler and a diffuser; and (3) a bellypan for rear section and maybe middle but not front.

For the sake of documenting the car's current state, here is a list of the current mods, cut-n-past from my garage page:

HYPERMILING (the best mod is the human ECU)
I always use EOC and P&G on surface roads, and a mix of these and "GLEN" on the freeways. I also use MPG-optimized routes, trip combinations, and driving times as much as my commuter schedule allows.

2.5" lawnedging airdam
Side skirts v2.0 (cut rain gutter, flat black paint)
Full upper grill block (v1.0) & 80% lower block (v1.2).
175mm wide tires on rear only (185s still on front).
Passenger mirror replaced with internal convex.
Half-moon style wheel skirts (removed).
Mudflap delete.
Passenger-side wiper delete (and RainX application).
Radio antenna moved to dashboard.
Thrush Turbo muffler (smaller than OEM, better for planned belly plan's rear diffuser).

1993 Civic CX transmission with 93,000 miles on it (installed when odo read 203,000 miles). The CX gear ratios: 3.250 (1), 1.761 (2), 1.066 (3), 0.853 (4), 0.702 (5), 3.153 (r), and 3.250 (final reduction). The DX gear ratios were: 3.250 (1), 1.782 (2), 1.172 (3), 0.909 (4), 0.702 (5), 3.153 (r), and 4.058 (final reduction).

An injector kill switch

Tires overinflated (60psi).

An "Externally Powered Electrical System" (I plug the car in when I'm home). The set-up combines an alternator on/off switch, 7 LED brake & running lights and a H4/HB2/9003 HID kit for the headlights, a deep-cycle Odyssey PC1200 battery with metal jacket & XSP-586 SAE post adapters (installed @192K miles), and a 25-amp on-board battery charger. I've also pulled one of two 5w license plate bulbs. For notes on why the 25 amp charger is important see this post.

A Warm Air Intake (WAI). And CAI/WAI manual switching ability for hottest days.

13" wheels and 175/70s on rear (replaced 14" 185/65s).
NGK single-platinum spark plugs.
Radiator/grill ducting (v.1.2).
6K oil change schedule.
Fully synthetic Mobil 1 "Fuel Economy" 0W-30 (5w-30 for warmer seasons).
Royal Purple 5w30 oil in the manual transmission.

251lbs removed (to approx 2011lbs* curb weight):
9.7lbs VX wheels on rear only (replacing 18lbs alloys), 9lb thrush muffler (replacing 18lb OEM), AC, rear seats, power steering, and numerous other things small and large.

See my car's mod & maintenance thread and my electric bicycle's thread for ongoing projects. I will rebuild Black and Green over decades as parts die, until it becomes a different car of roughly the same shape and color. My minimum fuel economy goal is 55 mpg while averaging posted speed limits. I generally top 60 mpg. See also my Honda manual transmission specs thread.

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