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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
once the batteries get either twice as cheap, twice as durable or twice as powerful than now there is no holding back the EV's anymore.
Thats not going to happen.

Batteries are not going to get much more powerful. The limits of Pb, Li and Ni chemestry have been realized and are being used to their near full potential.

Batteries are not going to get any cheaper. A Nickel shortaged haulted hybrid battery production, shot Nickel prices over $30/lb several years ago and caused battery production costs to skyrocket. This happened while trying to supply little 1KWH and smaller batteries to a fairly small number of hybrids.
What happens when you increase battery size by about 40 times and try to build the vehicles in much larger numbers?

Lithium is the same way, its too expensive and there just isn't enough for few hundred million people to each have a few hundred pounds of lithium batteries each.
I built my lithium battery by hand and on the cheap from raw, rejected bare AMP20 cells (the industry standard for hybrid and electric car battery construction) at a cost of about $430/KwH just for the cells alone.
Not to mention the MSRP for factory spec cells puts the cost closer to $1000/KwH.
How are people going to afford 20 and 30 KwH battery packs that cost as much as a new gasoline powered car, don't last as long or drive nearly as far between fill ups?

Other wise its nice to think about.
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