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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
None of the above.
I built it out of AMP20 rejects.
I already made sure to ask, the guy that sold me the AMP20 rejects has no intrest in used up AMP20 cells and didn't know any one that does.

I am sure as heck not mailing them to canada, that would cost at least $30.
Then maybe another $20 or $40 for hazmat.

Like the lead acid batteries I recover I should be able to get paid for turning them in. I'm not running a charity.

Lead acid batteries cost some where around $70-$100 per KWH and are worth about 15 cents a pound. Lithiums cost $500 to $1000 per KwH, I find it hard to believe they have little scrap value.
Ya, I'm not sure why the link defaulted to Ottawa, ON, but I'm guessing it used the ecomodder server IP address to generate a link with places near it... supposedly, if you clink on the link, it will try to guess where you are and then list nearby locations for recycling. I also listed some common places you can bring the lithiums for recycling:
Typical places: Staples, RadioShack, Lowes, Best Buy, Home Depot.
No cost for mailing or hazmat fees if you've got a place like that nearby; just drop 'em off if you're going there anyway.

Since you asked
Speaking of recycling, when my lithium batteries give up the ghost where do I recycle them?
that's what I answered, not whether you can recover a few from them.

Just like anything that is classified as hazardous waste (household chemicals, paints, any kind of batteries, etc), it is your responsibility to dispose of the product properly whether you get some money back from it or not.
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