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Originally Posted by Sven7 View Post
Wow, this is a fantastic project. If you were selling them i'd buy one tomorrow!

Edit: couldn't help myself but to imagine this thing with the front wheels moved forward and with an aero body over it... so here's a quick, messy photoshop sketch. Go for it!

(drawn over these criteria)
Thank you Sven7 and that "messy" photoshop is simply gorgeous!

There are however difficulties with moving the wheels forward, generally speaking it's "impossible" with this chassis design (impossible is ofc relative, unrealistic perhaps). If it wasn't a tribrid, if there were no pedals & the room required for my feet during the pedal strokes I could perhaps reconfigure it... but then it wouldn't be a "tribrid" lol

& BTW, sorry for my absence folks - it's the sunny summertime so I've just been out riding & playing w/the taddy... not much to report really, but sometimes that's a good thing

While the taddy hasn't required any repairs or refinements of late, I did however "upgrade" the following widget to what I now like to call "the leech" a small & portable power pack that's capable of charging/powering any/all of my camping gear, trickle charging/maintaining the taddy or recharging from it - as well as accepting charge from solar/110v AC, 24v or 12v DC, I skipped the 36v DC input as the taddy already has a 36v to 12v (and 12v to 36v) converters;

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
a small example is this lil setup I threw together just to jam out while setting up the tent;

which is now this;

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