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Originally Posted by Tweety View Post
It would probably be easier to just hook a bluetooth device to the controllers serial port and make the iPhone read that... Would be sweet...

But I'd say that's a couple of revisions in the future...
I put one of the JY-MCU Bluetooth adapters (about $10) onto the board. Connected the RX and TX directly to the atmega chip output (pins 2 & 3) and found 5V and gnd somewhere. The board came with a short cable and pin header, so could be mounted outside the controller case.

The easiest (and so far the only one I've implemented) software fix is to drop the baud rate of the controller to 9600 - the default for the JY-MCU. You can change the baud rate of the BT device - you have to jump a pin and send an AT command. You could do this from a terminal emulator before you solder it to the board. Change the speed to 19200 and it should work with the controller as-is.

I can now perform I/O through BT and the output is echoed on the serial console. BUT you can't input through the serial port. You also have to pull the BT device off before you can download over the serial link (symptom of the same problem).

Anyone want to venture a guess as to whether I could get full bi-port control by moving the BT RX and/or TX to the other side (HIN202 side) of R19/R20 (or anywhere else)? I could just try it, but I've discovered there are a lot of smart people here and someone may actually know the correct solution.

The iPhone device problem is trivial to solve. Dump it and buy Android.
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