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Does anybody have any experience with hE15? It has hydrous ethanol in it, which not only helps to produce a more efficient engine (less CO2 output), the water helps the aluminum of the engine to form an aluminum oxide, protecting it from the corrosive-ness of ethanol.

Some good ideas have been posted already, including using stuff that can't easily or readily be recycled any way and sewer waste, which provides many usable resources (methanol, nitrogen, heavy metals, etc.). I think in terms of a production stand point, all waste should be converted to a usable energy- vehicles or the grid or anything else. I think there should be no reason to have a "dump" or landfill (there is a difference) of any kind. Why not use your lawn clippings and shrubbery that you throw away anyway for a beneficial energy use (or for composting, which is done already)? Why not do something beneficial with your refuse, rather than throwing it into a landfill (and maybe getting methanol production out of it, maybe)? Why dump your dump into the bay/river/ocean, when it can used for energy (like previously mentioned)?

Also, if we don't want to mix food corn with fuel corn, we could always use the energy content from the waste of the crop (i.e. the leaves and stalks of the corn). That would also provide another income source for farmers. It may not be as energy rich as gas or diesel, but at least it comes from a *relatively* renewable source.
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