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I'm trying to get an idea of the dimensions of that car.

If currently 4-feet wide a 1.5 multiplier would make it 6-feet wide but I doubt that would be enough for side by side seating.

4-Feet x 2 = 8-feet, road legal but quite a high frontal area.

It is beautiful as it is designed, as a one-seater. I just wish it's magic could be scaled up to a functional street worthy car.

The design below I did a while back would be 6-feet wide and is in the same spirit (in a way), but still only 3-seats.
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UPDATE: 02/26/13
I'm still not working in clay or foam yet, still playing with sketches once in a while.

Industrial Design - Transportation Photos by kach22i | Photobucket

This design gets the feet back, and narrows the rear track quite a bit.

Better results all around, maybe not a "pure" as some of my other attempts, but more practical to be sure.
My current design studies are of a car with an upside down wing verses a neutral foil shaped body. I haven't got around to posting it in the forum yet though.

Like I said earlier in the thread Neil provided a link to, I really like this (Mater Dei High School in Evansville, Ind.) car.
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