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I know about the looks. I want to add skirts to my HCH but they're going to have to look as if the factory built a set for my car before the wife will let me put anything on. So that's going to be a project.

Add a couple of pieces of wood to the grille at the center and cable tie them in place. They don't have to be very big or thick, just thick enough to drive a screw into them and be certain it'll hold. Then you can attach your front plate to the wood blocks. That's a completely reversible, no-drill modification and it should be secure enough to keep everything in place, no problemo.

If the wood shows, take everything back off, sand prime and paint the wood. Two or three good coats of matte black, or even spray-on bedliner coating, should suffice to make the wood just disappear.

If you have any experience at it, you could try making skirts from hardware cloth and papier-mache. You can get an uncommonly good surface with papier-mache if you're patient at. A few turns of filling and sanding, a couple of coats of shellac and some color matched paint and it'll look like stock.

Hmm, I think I know what to do for my car.

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