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Conservation and the Frozen Tundra

So this is the saga of my build project for my truck. It will prolly be pretty drawn out because I don't have a lot of free time and once my Civic gets out of the shop, I will start working on that instead.

So far, I've added a Scan Gauge and I've been working on my driving technique and so far, the results have been astounding. I used to average 18-20 mpg. Since I modded my driving along my work commute, I've increased that to 24, 25 and close to 26 mpg. The Scan Gauge is helping the current tank quite a bit. If my estimates are right, I should hit close to 28mpg. Not bad, but I want more. So here are the plans:

First, an aero cap! Then possibly some underside solutions and a partial grill block and maybe some kind of wheel skirts. Suggestions are welcome.

I've already got a lot of the materials for my aero cap, and I've started construction on the frame. If I can successfully attach a picture, I'll show you what I have so far...

The tabs sticking out of the back will eventually be trimmed off. With the base assembled, I want to start working on the top, but I'm torn between two possible designs. The predictable option is just to go in a straight line from the cab to the tailgate. What I want to do is go back at a flatter angle and then angle toward the tailgate from there. This has two major advantages. One, it allows more cargo room. Two, it angles the rear window a little so that better visibility can be attained without using too much transparent material. Here's what I'm talking about:

My apologies for the cheesy MS Paint edit and the poor perspective drawing...

The other design would look more like this:

And this just amuses me:

So my question is, which cap design should I go with? I like the multi angle design, but aerodynamics is really what it's all about. So what do you think? Any suggestions?

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