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Well, we made more progress on the cover. I have photos, but they aren't uploaded yet and I'm at work, so give me some time on that one, k?

We finished building the frame and upholstered it with cloth. It has really taken shape now. It looks like the back end of a really aerodynamic race car. Hopefully, after I get paid this week, I'll be able to pick up some fiberglass resin and give it a good coating on Friday. At that point, I will have a functional unit, I think.

Now, we didn't put any windows in it. We prolly could have, but I got lazy. The plan is to mount it and test it. If I can get some confirmation of its functionality, I will consider making a mold of it and creating a copy out of straight fiberglass. I will be able to cut windows into that pretty easily. For now though, I'll be very happy to just put it onto my truck and go riding around with it.
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