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Sounds a bit like the boost converters used for chargers.... hmmm.... how about giving this thing the dual job of boosting the voltage to the motor and charging the batteries... I could really see the value of one in this case.

The other charger-type technology I'm trying to wrap my head around is AC Propulsion's use of part of the AC inverter as the charger. I've kind of got it for induction motors, but I'm not sure about BLDC... Ideas??

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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Have the low side be the low side switch in the boost converter. The inductor connects to the collector of the low side switch. Now, the high side IGBT has the diode built in from high side emitter to high side collector. That's the regular diode in the boost converter. The high side switch is what allows the regen to go to the batteries. During regen, low side IGBT off, and high side IGBT on with 100% duty.

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