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05-28-2006, 09:43 Pm

The whole reason we pulled the drivetrain from the red car was to get its transmission mounts and axles. The transaxle in the 4-cyl car is offset further to the left than in the 3-cyl car, and we needed that extra length.

At least that was the plan, when we still thought we were going to be using the forklift's larger 12.5 x 15.5 inch traction motor.

Alas, we discovered the diameter of that motor is too big:

With the motor shaft aligned with the tranny's input shaft, the motor diameter (green line) is actually slightly larger than the outside diameter of the bell housing.

It's big enough that it would interfere with the axle where it connects to the differential (yellow line).

My fault - I never thought to check BEHIND the ICE to measure where the axle hole was (what's the right name for that anyway?).

But it's no big deal. Even if we don't use the big drive motor (and thus the different mounts & axles), I still wanted this transmission out of the red car for the Blackfly. It's geared taller for the 4-cyl motor and would be an interesting FE upgrade.
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