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Got some new toys.

Chrome colored plastic toggle extensions - $5
18 SMD LED brake light - $18x2
4 SMD LED cargo light - $7

I don't expect the LEDs to ever pay for themselves in fuel, but LEDs make for safer brake lights because they illuminate more quickly, giving other drivers more time to respond. Also, total electrical load does have a noticeable impact on hybrid battery life, and I'm moving from a 21w/5w bulb to a 1.4w/??w. At the very least, I'll be able to leave the lights on for a lot longer with the engine off. I'd have gone with a cheaper bulb, but there have been reports (perhaps only in Canadian models?) of non-CK type LEDs causing issues with regenerative braking.

The cargo light LED is significantly brighter than the almost useless 3w festoon it replaced. The new bulb doesn't have a wattage rating but I'd estimate it to be roughly 0.3w.

Not arrived yet is a 48 SMD LED panel for the dome light. Also finally got around to putting in a fuse between my amp and the battery. I'd been running without one in the Del Sol since I got it about 4 years ago.

To replace the brake light, you need a flathead screwdriver and either a 10mm socket or a philips screwdriver.

In this image, the LED is on the left:

In this image, I was shining a very bright flashlight at the cargo light area and choosing to focus on a spot of near constant illumination, to give a fair comparison. Note the carpet on the left side:

Calpod switch extension installed:

Also decided to upgrade my music storage for $8 (16GB > 32GB) and get rid of the huge flash drive I had poking out from my radio. It's amazing how much smaller they are these days.

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