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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Let me get this straight:

Injector HOT (yellow wires, on the side running away from the injectors from the relay) should be tied together and connected to #30 and #85 on the relay.

Injector COLD (yellow wires, going TO injectors from relay) should be tied together and connected to #87a on the relay.

Kill switch should be connected to #86 (blue) and grounded to the chassis.

#87 on the relay should be grounded to the chassis.


You ran two wires into the cabin. Am I right in thinking that's unnecessary? That is, it's fine to ground the switch near the steering column?

If I understand this correctly, is it safe to be grounding the constant-on power for the injectors? It's not a short? Would it have been better, though much more complicated, to relay the grounds to the injectors?

EDIT: Also, cowmeat provided me a fuse. If I were to guess, it probably goes between #87 and the chassis. Is this right?

EDIT2: Seems to me the short-circuit problem could be solved by swapping #87a and #30, because when the relay is activated, the connection is broken but the injector HOT isn't grounded.
You could ground it in the cabin, but I choose not to due to safety concerns. I didn't want any potential freak accidents setting off the air bag. As for the other questions, I would have to walk out there and look to see how I wired everything.

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