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There was more progress on the cap since my last post... Unfortunately, not as much progress on getting pictures posted. They are currently being held for ransom on somebody else's camera.

We applied some fiberglass resin to the cloth upholstery in hopes of stiffening it. The upholstery is two sided. It is a lined burlap with one side being, you guessed it, burlap and the other being a canvas like material. Well, we had the canvas side up and the resin didn't really stiffen the canvas that much. We did discover that where it soaked into the burlap around the edges was really strong. So we flipped the thing over and applied the rest of the resin to the burlap. We didn't have enough resin left to cover all the burlap but the areas that we did get are all nice and rigid.

So the next step has been to wait for my fume filled lungs to recover and my damaged brain cells to grow back. So far the lungs are good, but I've been waiting on the brain cells for an awfully long time. After that, I'm going to coat the rest of the underside and hit a few spots on the surface for waterproofing purposes. Then it's sand and paint time. I'm considering acquiring a rear view camera system (saw it at Walmart for less than $100) instead of trying to apply windows to this thing.
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