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I am a dispatcher for the biggest luxury sedan/limo service in the area. I tell people where to go. I have been in this business since 1994.


I am a babysitter. Because I have to supervise a bunch of grown babies(drivers) who cause crap tons of drama that is as juvinile as it gets. Trust me you have no idea how ridiculous these supposedly adult people can act.


Cat herder because getting drivers to co-operate and pick up our customers is like herding cats.

In this business there is a "BIG Picture", unfortunately too few of the morons I work with can see the "BIG Picture". The "BIG Picture" refers to good customer service = more money, but too many of them are so small minded that if they get a customer that wants to go somewhere close by they have a bad habit of treating them poorly.

A smart driver knows that treating all customers well means repeat business, which means more money, but the morons have bad attitudes and tell customers how they have ruined their whole day because they want to go somewhere close by and the stupid greedy drivers only want to take them accross town to the airport. It is truly astounding how many of these drivers can't see the "BIG Picture". I could go on about the shenanagins that I have to deal with, but I'll spare you further details.

The good part is I am paid pretty well for what I do, and what I do involves sitting here in front of this computer reading and writing posts in between my job duties. Since I work at night I have plenty of time for internet fun. I have friends with college degrees that don't make what I do.


Allan Greenblazer
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