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Originally Posted by gumby79 View Post


The epa require 10%Ethanol in reg. And mid grade fuel hear in Montana premium is alowed 0%Ethanol.
In Oregon and Washington only Boat /marine, and 100 Octane is alowed 0% at a higher than premium price and Boat /marine is considered non-road use. This is what I used in my 72cc chain saw, because Ethanol absorbes watter ,and has a veary short shelf life sub 1 month (more like 2weeks) and can ruin a saw over the winter All grades are 10% aka E-90, or E-85 is of course 15% Ethanol.
By the Westcoast standards and your statement the Insight is poorly designed ... it is designed to use a fuel that is not available... at 90%of gas stations or the rong grade 87Vs 91 or 100 What is the programming set to do when the "rong octane"is used to get rid of the Ethanol my very limited knowledge the computer compensates for the out of tolerance fuel by remapping...too much =detune , too little = more detune in a different way..with the short shelf life of to days fuel the computer has to be able to compensate for " sour fuel"(1-3weeks old.)

Im not picken... just pointing out some read between the lines factoids...
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The 2010 Insight and 2000 Insight are not even close to the same car. The only thing they share is the name.

As I recall, I didn't start seeing ethanol commonly added to gasoline until several years after the car was built, and it's kindof hard to build for a fuel that doesn't exist yet.

Typically you'd expect to lose about 3% fuel economy due to the differences in energy content with E10. I'm currently trying to find the thread I read on a poster at IC that did some A-B-A-B testing with different fuels.