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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
Those new ones look nice!

How hard is it to replace them? If you have to remove the light I'll keep my OEM bulbs, at least until winter when I get time to work on the car
I did it in about 10-15 minutes in my drive way without any tools (would be like 5 minutes if I wasn't doing pics!). You have to remove the coolant canister from the driver's side for the amber side light and the other amber side is kinda tricky, but other wise, they are all 1/8th turn of the socket, pull it out, swap the bulbs, put it back in, and 1/8th turn to reseat it in. That's it!

One trick I found to make the passenger side easier on the side amber is to use two hands... right hand trying to turn the bottom angled end of the socket, which the left hand has a few fingers between the headlight assembly and the frame of the car to push it in place against the headlight assembly itself. This is especially so when putting it back in.
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