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Cool Tank of Justice III: 97 Ford Crown Victoria HPP

Welcome to the Party, TANK OF JUSTICE III!!!

Yes, the new ride is here. It's a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria HPP with 165k on it. Rust-free, from Arizona, and it has a bad rod knock. It's supper clean. All for the princely sum of $400. So it's really hard to turn down that, especially since it was dropped in my lap.
And I just so happen to have a zero-mile, all aluminum engine that's ready for installation.

Interesting facts about the new Tank:
-HPP (Handling Performance Package), it has bigger sway bars, 3.27:1, dual exhaust, better suspension, sweet rims.
- it's a P73 variant. And it's apparently rare. Most all of the HPPs come in P74, which has power anything, auto everything, blah. My car doesn't even have ABS.
Which leads to:
Base weight of 3617 lbs.
Yes. This car is stock, what my goal was for the TOJ2. It's an amazing starting point. I still need to get it to the scales to verify. Essentially, I didn't know that this variant of the platform existed, and how light it truly was.

I removed the steel drive shaft which was 27 lbs. I'm installed my MMC (Metal Matrix Alcoa) drive shaft which weighs in at 17 lbs. So there's a 38% reduction in rotational mass, and a 10 lbs overall reduction.
I like it!
I also removed the cruise control box and cable, since it's useless and I don't care for it. -2.4 lbs

So my new goal is to have the TOJ3 at 3400 lbs, I'm sure I can remove 217 lbs out of this one. Which will make it 800 lbs lighter than my Marauder.

As it sits:

-ryan s.

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