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I'll try to answer each of these comments quickly. First, I have not been able to retest. My troubles with the smog testers rendered it more difficult and delayed me long enough that I wondered if it would be valid anymore. The chemicals are easy to find. I bought what I used online. Look up the brands for the chemicals in my list and you'll find them. On the question, I can say that I disposed of them down the toilet. I totally agree about the toxicity of the mining, which was also one of the things that I was imagining would be a benefit of doing this. On the idea that maybe the catalytic converters fall apart as they get older and drop their precious metals onto the highway: I'm not sure I believe that. The authors of the scientific studies seem to feel that was perfectly normal to expect that an aged converter would still have its press metals intact. That said, mine is just one car. If my car lost 0.5 percent of its precious metals over the course of 20 years, it would make very little difference in the operation of my catalytic converter I would imagine. But if each of several millions of motor vehicles crossing along a single stretch of freeway multiple times per week lost 0.5 percent of the precious metals in their catalytic converter over the course of a group of years, then maybe some significant amount of these metals would accumulate in the soils on the margins of the freeways. Still seems a little bonkers though! ��

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