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Federal Government Considering Fuel Tax Increase

I heard on NPR this morning that the Federal Government is considering a fuel-tax increase, that would take effect over the next few years and effectively add 40-cents to the exisiting tax issued.

This is on the heels of the latest report of the Minneapolis bridge collapse: our infrastructure is aging, is in trouble, and needs funding to repair, upgrade, or rebuild. With this I agree -- we have a huge transportation system that needs cash to stay "up-to-speed" -- but where should the money come from?

I've added a poll to get your thoughts on the subject (everyone loves polls, right? I know I do...)

My commentary. I strongly oppose the tax because it unfairly taxes everyone, regardless of income. The rationale is that it will cut back on frivolous driving while gaining valuable income for the Federal repair initiative. I think it's going hit America in the wallet, and further drive our economy into a state of distrust. Consumer confidence is running low, Diesel prices are way up -- meaning the truck owner/company that transports (well, basically nearly all products we buy) is either raising transport costs, or eating it to survive. For truckers who own/operate their rigs, this is a huge hit.

Let's see -- who has the money? Oh yeah, the Oil Companies! Let's kick the special interests in the bum and make the oil companies make up the difference. As we learned in the late 19th/early 20th Centuries, anti-trust laws protected consumers and kept the power of large corporations at bay. Let's bring that back.

It's election time folks. Contact your Congressional Reps -- both State and Federal. They tend to listen during this time.

In the essence of Democracy, cast your vote for the solution. If you're familiar with my previous polls in other locales, if you vote "I dunno", I ask that you offer-up a another option.


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