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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
We will see how much warming there is when the Beaufort gyre unloads, grand solar minimum and the mount pinatubo level eruption we are over due for happens.
Pollution had nothing to do with the 1970s cool down.
But I like how the believers think everything is man's fault.
Solar minimum?

Over what time frame do you suppose an eleven year solar cycle causes changes in the climate? Through a multi-decade spike, or an oscillation within the frame of that cycle?

Same question for the oft-cited Milkanovitch cycles... over what time period should the change occur? Obviously not in that same sharp multi-decade spike, but in a smooth cyclical twenty six thousand year wave, right?

The effects of these cycles are known. And have been studied. And the current warming trend is decoupled from both. In fact, the effects of solar variance are so small as to often be lost in the noise caused by volcanic eruptions and carbon-emission led warming.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
No one seems to know what caused the 1970s cool down.
This is rich.
Just more "just more it was man's fault" and now "it never happened".
Uh, Neil and I both answered this before you posted. If "no one" includes the entire climate science community, yes, you may be right.

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
People insist scientists know exactly what causes autism. When I ask them to enlighten me they mumble incoherently.
Partially genetic or epigenetic. Of course, we do not know the EXACT switches that cause it, but it is widely recognized as faulty brain wiring and neurotransmitter imbalance. There are signs now (this was my morning reading a while ago) that it shares genetic markers with schizophrenia, and signs that some cases are misdiagnosed schiz.

Which doesn't surprise me, because when they expanded the scope of ASD under DSM IV, everyone and their mother was "diagnosing" new cases of autism... which fueled the "autism epidemic" in mass media, borne of faulty statistical comparisons and the fact that once mild, undiagnosed cases were now brought into the spotlight.

Yes, vaccines didn't cause the "epidemic". Media alarmism and over-zealous diagnosticians did.