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In the 1990s and early 2000s it was global warming was going to kill us all with in the next 20 years if we didn't do exactly what they said starting right away, lots of near future dooms day predictions, for example "the polar ice caps will be melted by 2010", "events like katrina will become a regular occurrence" and my personal favorite the one that made me love global warming "snowy winters will soon be a thing of the past".
I wanted to believe.

After all their predictions failed it was called "climate change" and instead of killing us immediately the language changed to more of "what kind of world will we leave our grand childern" and "global warming can cause it to snow more and be colder". This made a lot of people suspect that the believers didn't know what they we talking about. For the narrative to be correct it's still relying on a fairly rapid overall warming trend.

My near future prediction for remaining 20-teens and 2020 and beyond they are going to be actively suppressing any evidence and suggestions of global cooling, even as global wide crop failures due to unseasonably cold cause food shortages over seas and the wide variety of relatively cheap year round fresh produce we enjoy here in the US starts to decline.
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