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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
Feminsm, the word, in theory was suposed to reach equality, not privileges. That's why we can't just say these dum...b heads are feminists, so we call them feminazis.
I'm not a fan of using inflammatory language or name calling because it serves no purpose. Nobody will be convinced by your argument by name calling, and quite the opposite is more likely. Those offended by the name calling will close their ears and ramp up hostility. The only time inflammatory language is useful is when you need to rally soldiers, build courage, and face an existential threat.

This is where you risk getting reprimanded, because the purpose of the forum is to provide a welcoming environment for those interested in efficiency.

The forum owners/administrators have been very liberal in their acceptance of speech, and I commend them for that. Because I enjoy having a platform to discuss ideas, I try to be careful not to go out of my way to be offensive or antagonistic.

That said, I consider myself a feminist because I am for equal legal rights for women universally. This is why I am against Muslim states (not necessarily the religion), who by law, treat women more as property and less as humans with equal intrinsic value.

Women brain are different, the neurology it's not exact the same as man. Man get nonsense due anger, temper, testosterone making a guy lost his mind and make sh...t. Women brain it's not such thing, but they get nonsense without deep anger but with emotions, desires. They lost the logic before get deep anger.
Well said. While this is a generality, it often holds true. My wife is more rational than most women, but she still holds onto some beliefs that are guided solely by her feeling, and refuses to confront the cognitive dissonance of those beliefs which conflict with logic.

On the other hand, when I am calm I stick steadfast to logic, and quickly abandon any idea that is unreasonable. Then when some jerk on the highway acts like they are the most important person on earth, I lose my mind, and reason gives way to anger. It's not good, because I should not allow others the privilege of controlling my mood. Anger needs to be reserved for when it is absolutely necessary, not for trivial breaches of social behavior.

Women are not angels victms, they also have the bestiality instints as man, but in a more disguised way. They flirt in dissimulated way, also waits man go after them, so women will never blame thenselves for choose bad.

I'm not saying wom,en are bad, but just saying they are no better than man. Same evil but in other way.
Same self-centered flaw, but the outcomes are not nearly equal. When a man gives in to evil, 100 million people can die. Sure, there are women in history that have been the direct cause of death, but it's most often men, and the most horrific incidences are lead by men.

In my view, men are more likely to swing towards extreme ends of good and evil, where they can display enormous acts of heroism, or horrific acts of malevolence. Women are more likely to remain around the center, neither venturing towards extreme evil nor extreme heroism. Of course, this is a broad generalization, and there are always exceptions, but this is often how the different sexes behave.

As an aside, my wife mentioned something last night about babies, and I asked her to repeat what she had just shared because I had been thinking about helicopters. Then she said that I would be thinking about babies too if I were carrying a child, and I said perhaps, but I'd still think a lot about helicopters.

My wife will be much better at attending to the minutia and boring (to me) details of nurturing a child, whereas I'll be most concerned with the broad technical challenges of having a family.

EDIT: A link to the first person I found to broadly described what I had observed about the differences between male and female logic:
Gas and Electric Vehicle Cost of Ownership Calculator

Give me absolute safety, or give me death!

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