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Originally Posted by 19bonestock88 View Post
You’ll always have folks poking fun at your ecomods, but you won’t spend nearly as much as them in fuel... I had a co worker recently advise me that he would just “be happy to get 30”, and that’s cute IMO... only in severe cold, with a misfiring cylinder, did I ever drop below 30mpg lol...(like 25-27)
Still get a kick out of that one post I read while doing my daily browse of ancient ecomodder threads about this one guy at a family reunion whose sister in law or something was bragging about 36 mpg in a Prius, made fun of him for is Gen 1 Insight, asking him what kind of mpg he got, and then was silenced since he was getting like twice the mpg or something like that lol.

I don't get how some people can drive so inefficiently.

Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
i got throuh this time andnwas treated to random popups threatening that I am violating copyright, that a competent US court says so, and then was asked for usernames and passwords... I recommend avoiding.
Good to know.

Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
oh, snap. It has been so long I forgot that I have two versions of the 7th Gen Civic FSM from when I was collecting data for the manual transmission specs thread. One is a 2.8 meg pdf for the 2002-2003 Hatch EP3 USDM and the other one seems messed up. Zipped files that seem to be non-functioning.

PM me an email address and I will email you the PDF one. It looks quite complete.
I'll see if I can figure out the PMing thing on here since I couldn't figure it out last time and send you a PM.

Originally Posted by westb87 View Post
I'll take it! Anything over 40 is my goal...for now.
I want to see that next fuel log entry of yours read over 40 mpg US!

Originally Posted by westb87 View Post
I'm working on it! I'm running this tank down so I can get as close as possible to the correct calibration when I DO fill up.
One thing I've noticed over my last two tanks is that the low fuel light comes on when you have about 80 miles left of range. It doesn't seem to go by fuel amount for some reason. On my last tank (42.5 mpg) I used almost half a gallon more fuel than my previous tank (37.0 mpg) before the light came on.

Originally Posted by westb87 View Post
I'd do it just to make sure your fuel system, injectors, and combustion chamber are clean. I can't verify that it'll also help to clean your catalytic converter, but I've heard that it does help those with Civics prone to the problem. I'm in the camp of "it can't hurt anything other than my wallet and may help in the long run...I'll give it a shot"
Ehhh, I might. I have a hard time spending money unless I see a quantitative ROI.

Originally Posted by westb87 View Post
One thing I've learned about classmates...they're all morons...
Too true lol.


Right now I'm trying to find a way to do wheel skirts. Mounting is the thing and I'm not going to drill. Considering something like MetroMPG's setup on his Firefly but not sure now to go about making the brackets for it.

I feel like wheel skirts are a standard "fuel efficiency" logo, and will help explain away some of the comments I get...not that I mind anyway.

But of course FE increase would be the main goal of such a mod.
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