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California, I deleted the power steering when I replaced the alternator the first time. JCP, is that Old School Funk? I am not sure how I feel about him. I think he is how I wish Shouty Kilmer was. He shows broke people how to fix cars properly, while Shouty shows questionable shortcuts and stop leak.
Eric is good.

I have about 20 YouTube tabs open right now. I think I have Old School in there somewhere.

I am actually changing the timing belt on my Accord, while the Civic needs a head gasket, but since the Civic has low compression, I want to rebuild. Faster, stronger, better.

Nevermind. That sounds exhausting.

I also found a South Main video that I am going to watch as soon as I finish this Choose Your Own Adventure.

At ten last night my supervisor told me that I could go ahead and see some clients scheduled for 8 this morning. They live an hour away. Was I supposed to contact the parents then or early in the morning? I woke up at six, called, left voice mail, and sent a text at seven, and never heard back, so I tried to organize the timing belt project on four hours of sleep.
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