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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I like it but you second and third points negate the first.

I'd prefer a market-based solution, but maybe using the existing mind control mechanism mainstream media to wean people off sports and gambling, and redirect the intent of the populace to saving their own sorry.... selves.
The oil companies have had since the 1950s to do something on their own.That hasn't worked out so well.
Short of nationalization,the rate schedule would perhaps be a means to allow the energy market to remain in private hands,but with some command and control catalyst operating.The government would play the heavy.
The oil companies could continue as they are,but energy could not be had as it we see today.
Malthus was promoting education.Tell the people how the cow eats the cabbage.Put the responsibility of the people into their own hands.Absolutely zero government intervention for the poor.
Private charity on a voluntary basis.Encourage thrift,savings while single,to set themselves up for marriage and children.Live below your means and save for a rainy day or unemployment.If you die,your family starves to death unless your neighbors want to rescue you.Poor people are worthless.'Blanks.'
Church of England,kinda brutal.
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