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Actually it's not a problem. Where I work turns a 20 million dollar a year profit in large part it is the most efficient plant of its kind for electrical use, water use reduction, recycling and reuse, natural gas and bio gas conversation, the amount of chemicals used versus product yield and has the highest product yield per raw materials of anyone else in the world.
They spent 30 million dollars a few years back to just to reduce, reuse and recycle water.
Something to the tune of 100 million when the plant was built to put nearly all motors on variable speed drives which eliminates starting surge and can improve pump efficiency up to 90%.

For example our partner plant spent 40x more money on chemicals overall and produced less product in 2015.

So using solar panels to power everything is a ridiculous pipe dream, unless power is just going to be turned off at night.

I have no problem with progress or solar panels.
I drive a nissan leaf and I'm arguing with the local electrical coop to put in grid tie solar.
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