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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
Sociopath already born without empathy, with a brain area nearly without activity. Most sociopath behavior kids and teens have a incredible high chance of became criminals.

It have genes involved.
Fortunately, evolution seems to prefer cooperation and negotiation over sociopathy. There's never been a more peaceful time in human history, and I expect that trend to generally continue, with the usual ups and downs along the way.

The most frightening thing is that human capability has become so great that the downturns in human behavior hold ever more destructive potential.

Teens still lack a well-developed sense of sympathy and act without fully developed inhibitions. Perhaps some are more developed than others, but that isn't generally true.

I was a good teen when it came to personal interactions, but not because I had some desire to do good, or cared about people in general, but mostly because I lacked any desire to do bad. Perhaps at 19 I was just beginning to pay attention to others and examine internal motivation.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
You can't call a toddler a sociopath, they simply haven't had the higher brain circuits activated.
Sure I can, I call my daughter that all the time, though I'll stop well before she begins to understand. What is the difference between a child that doesn't yet possess the brain circuitry to project themselves into the shoes of another, and an adult who doesn't possess the brain circuitry to project themselves into the shoes of another?

Sociopathy is a clinical term for those who have failed to achieve certain levels of social normative behavior by certain ages. I'm simply saying it's a spectrum.
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