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Originally Posted by jkv357 View Post
You don't want that oil! That's standard automotive oil.

Clutch slippage isn't the issue, it's the lack of adequate ZDDP (Zinc and Phosphorus) that's the problem. Those levels (600ppm) are fine for a current auto engine with roller rockers, but not for a solid, non-roller, valvetrain like cycles use. You want around 1200ppm for a cycle engine. ZDDP is sacrificial and protects the cam and rocker faces (high pressure areas) from galling at times when flow is minimal - you want it.

Use a diesel oil like Rotella T5 or T6 - but NOT the new "Multi Vehicle" 5W-30 Rotella T6 - it has low ZDDP levels like regular auto oils.
If it works, then i'm paving the way towards proving that car oils work just fine in a bike. If it blows up(catastrophically), then i'm out $1000, which I can afford. Read the blog jkv, the guy covers the misconceptions around ZDDP and how it doesn't determine wear protection on its own. He gets pretty ranty, but its a good read and offers oil data that I have never seen anywhere else.

He also covers some testimonials as far as high ZDDP oils and occurences of engine failures, vs using high performing oils.
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