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Hasport's mounts are done, decided to wait on them to release a set of axles as well, should only be a few days.

Added one more item to my engine "wish list":

The K24A2 has balance shafts used to reduce higher order harmonics. These are part of the oil pump, which weighs in total around 10lbs (?) more, give or take a couple of pounds and spins at twice engine speed. When turning the pump by hand there's significantly more resistance in a K24A2 pump than a K20A2 pump.

For people looking to rev the snot out of their longer-stroked 2.4L engines, it's common to swap in the smaller and higher revving engine's oil pump, which has no balance shafts and is geared to spin a hair slower. I don't care about revving any higher, but I'll take the lower parasitic losses and reduced rotating mass in exchange for a rougher idle. I figure it's a good idea to put a new oil pump in anyway.

One example of a kit:

My research suggests removing the balance shafts from the oil pan will increase oil capacity from around 4.6 quarts to 6.8 quarts. I can't say I'm keen on having that much more oil to warm up, but at least it isn't spinning, and there are no reported longevity or reliability issues.

In total I'll probably have removed close to 25lbs of rotating mass from the engine.

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