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Originally Posted by achang1 View Post
nice! how have you been attaching things? have you been bolting them into existing holes?
I designed it to come off quick and easy. It's got two bolts in the front and it hooks in to the holes in the cross brace half way down the jeep.

Originally Posted by achang1 View Post
also, im wondring if youre going to cover up that gap where the oil pan is. from the pictures it seems that you can bolt up a flat piece of sheet metal on the control arms.
The way the system is designed the air gets pushed down under the front axle and should come back up and hit the next panel. So I shouldn't need a panel between.

Originally Posted by DoctorP82 View Post
Underbody is starting to look great! How much has this project cost so far?
So far this is the most expensive part of the whole project(didn't have any scrap pieces laying around). So this one cost me about $19. Bringing the whole project to just under $30. Which should pay for itself in a matter of no time. Seeing as just going from 19MPG to 25.6MPG is a savings of $0.047 a mile. That's only 642miles to pay it off. Which shouldn't be a problem because I'm headed up to Minn next weekend (444miles round trip) and also in Oct. That's without any improvement from the new panel.

Other improvements

I added creases to the panel.

How did I do it you ask? With my highly expensive creasing too of course!

I also added foam padding any where the panel comes in contact with the jeep. Plus I jammed foam between the panel and cross brace. And to top it all off I added a small lip to the trailing edge of the panel.

Anyone whose worked with a sheet of galvenized steel knows in raw form any vibration causes it to sound like thunder. After I was done with it I could shake the panel with no noise.
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