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Originally Posted by samwichse View Post
... the hubcap is apparently solid or optionally lexan backed and seals the front of the wheel, but that still doesn't explain how grime won't get in there from the back. Those unlubricated gears seem problematic... at least they're straight-cut, but I would assume they're going to be wear parts that require fairly frequent replacement. Fine for a track car, but maybe not so much a daily.
I wondered about something similar. It seems to me there's a risk the road debris such as rocks and other crap that might be on the road getting in there and wreaking havoc with that ring gear. I would think a protective plastic cover for the back would be important. It would prevent airflow passing through the wheel, reducing brake cooling, but also reducing road debris risks. That little caliper and large brake disc would probably be fine with a small heat increase. It's the rear brakes anyway.

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