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I can't remember the site where I read about this first, but my comment there was at about 44 cents per gallon, I'm contributing about $196 per year. And I know I drive considerably more miles than the average American, so even though I get better fuel economy than the average American I'm probably paying about the same in road use taxes vis-a-vis fuel tax.

Hammering EV users with $800 more on top of that is punitive, and I can't even determine what tge heck the bill's author is punishing! He's a Democrat, aren't Dems supposed to be in favor of EVs? Actually, thinking about it there are aspects of EVs that are especially attractive to each political party.

Another commenter on that site had what felt like the obvious answer: certify your odo every year and be taxed solely on the nunber of miles you drive. That's the fairest answer I can think of.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.

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