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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I get around 120mpg at 70mph in the summer in the leaf.
To be a little more fair my wife's hybrid sonata gets around 40mpg, during the summer at 70mph.
Ahh, but what's your cost per gallon in the Leaf? And where does it come from?

In Vermont we're paying 17 cents per kwh. It's all from renewables so it's a cleaner option than gasoline, but it puts a "gallon" of electricity at around $5.70, 210% the price of regular gasoline.

Discounting maintenance, that places my 50mph K-Sight at a somewhere between the cost per mile of a Leaf's combined EPA rating and what you're seeing in practice. If you're getting your electricity from coal it's probably cheaper, but I'm betting it's also less clean.

Would I like to own an electric car? Heck yes. But I frequently drive back and forth to Michigan and the infrastructure isn't there yet for me to do it in an EV, and there aren't any cost savings to switching for local driving because I'm already in a pretty efficient vehicle. Plus this car can embarrass a Mustang GT or base Corvette on the drag strip.

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