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Originally Posted by Natalya View Post
Weight and traction win in tug of war. The cybertruck is most certainly heavier, and 4wd. The Ford may have been 4wd, but it certainly didn't look like it.

Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
Hybrid makes sense. Metro area.
All electric never did.

Vehicle spec is loaded with you, your family and with luggage/supplies sufficient to get far, far away.

Less than this in vehicle choice is total failure. Black/White when considering the limited net income today’s family's have.

One chance to get it right.

Getting a larger vehicle than necessary just for these long trips doesn't necessarily make sense. Of course it all depends on how frequent these trips are, but a yearly vacation does not necessitate a large vehicle. Getting a rental is not the end of the world. Selling a vehicle to get a more appropriate vehicle is also not the end of the world.

Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Looks like Honda Motor Corporation has outlived its usefulness to society,and a reason they'll be getting nothing from me in the future.
Please tell me you are joking.

Honda has done so much for efficiency. CVCC, Lean burn, VTEC, refusing to make vehicles with more than 6 cylinders, making CARS mainstream, making one of the first hybrids, adopting OHV and OHC for lawn equipment while Briggs continued to make flatheads...

At the very least protest ford or chevy for pushing trucks and SUVs while killing off smaller options.

There are very few car companies which also make motorcycles(an alternative....), and Honda is one of them. One prominent efficient bike being the NC750X.

Way back in 2012 and around that time, the number of Nissan Leaves on the road was insane. It was typical to see two per mile traveled. This was back when Nissan was running a great lease deal with tax credit, which lots of people jumped on. Nowadays, I hardly see leaves anymore. Where did they go? I have no idea.

The Honda of today is not much of an innovator. When electric cars take a higher portion of the market, they will inevitably step it up.
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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
You can lead a fashion-conscious horse to unusual-looking water...

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