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Originally Posted by serialk11r View Post
Actually, the S2000's aerodynamics are bad enough that the gearing is probably not the biggest problem (lol).

Newer engines have shown how effective EGR is at increasing part load fuel efficiency. The S2000...has none. It has no cam phasing either. The low load efficiency as a result is BAD.
Drag coefficient of .33 with the top up. I think I heard about the top down increasing the Cd by 25%, but donít quote me on that. That would raise the Cd to 0.41. 70 mph Iím pretty sure was around 4000 RPM. No EGR huh? I never noticed. Now Iím really wondering how Honda got these things to pass emissions. It would blow a cloud of smoke and smell awful when accelerating full throttle last VTEC. Ours never needed emissions work, but it is very possible that the previous owner did some trickery.

I also noticed that the S2000 was about as slow as my I4 accord up to 6000 RPM, then they switched roles as the S2000 screams ahead and the accord lags behind.
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