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Originally Posted by Mikes1992 View Post
Wouldn't an alternator delete stop your ability to use engine stop/start at traffic lights and/or in slow moving traffic?
Not unless the starter is also the alternator (I've never seen one, but I'm sure they exist somewhere). The car should be able to start from the battery (which isn't getting charged by the alternator).

Originally Posted by Thorium-Synfuel View Post
As Ireland is mostly a fossil gas network grid. I'm looking to go about subversively challenging the wisdom of all-electric cars and making a kind of geo metro/fiat flat twin fuelled with fossil gas, without any alternator parasitic load.
I like your idea, however I think Ireland is still close to an ideal place to own an EV at only 300 miles long, and 170 miles wide. That said, I don't know where things are located or what local travel looks like. Perhaps trips of over 200 miles are common?
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