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Do I need as much square footage as what? The 512-square-foot shed? Or the 1,767 square-foot home?

The first plan is weird. One bedroom and one bath, but a three-car garage?

I wonder what "Five sets" and "Eight sets" mean. The plans are several hundred dollars.

Another one is one-bedroom, one-bath, and five garages!

The Home Depot kit looks cool, but it is just a garage and a loft. How much would it cost to have a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom designed? Would my Veteran's discount apply to the $34,499 cost?

I like the Amish home over the two-car garage, but free shipping only applies within 100 miles of their ZIP code. They charge extra within another 200 miles, but then "WE DO NOT DELIVER OUTSIDE OF A 300 MILE RADIUS FROM 19310."

The Easy Log Structures that you shared earlier have a Chicago 6, a zero bedroom, but has a loft. Apparently lofts do not count, it says 259 square feet, plus a lofted area of 127 square feet. It is 13'9" x 18'10", which sure seems too big for Mom's backyard, but if I just had an office I could get more work done, although an office and storage would be great.

I chose that one specifically because it was on sale and had free shipping. They have an Omaha, which is $12,056 for 205 square feet. They say they will make modifications for free as long as they do not require additional material. It is 16'9" x 13'5". If it were 16'4" x 13'5" [5" shorter" it would be an even 200 square feet, and not require a permit, but I am confident that offices are more useful with electricity.

I like that one because most of the roof is one angle. If I had it face the other shed and apple trees instead of the house, most of the roof would face the sun.

It would be silly to have a one-car garage in the backyard. I once parked my Civic back there, but I folded in my mirrors first. However, Mom's shed has two big doors, so it would work for moving large items in and out. Garage A is 10'6" x 18.7' for $7,578.

Their London 2 has double doors and is $4,082 for 138 square feet.

These may be overpriced compared to building from scratch, but this should be much more difficult to mess up.

Those plans are interesting, a two-car garage with a bathroom and patio on the first floor, and then "bonus space" above the size of the garage and patio.

I wish that there were more specifics.

Interesting stuff. The log cabins are interesting. They are not what I would expect from that term, but they look vastly easier to assemble than the alternatives. Don't like Lincoln Log interior walls? Just nail drywall to it!
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