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This is the first "source" I found on Google. Verify.

The final language is still being drafted, but progress could be derailed over unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. The bill would pay $600 per week to unemployed workers, on top of what they would receive at the state level. Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, Rick Scott, and Ben Sasse argued that this could add up to more than many regular salaries, causing people to quit their jobs.

“You’re literally incentivizing taking people out of the workforce,” said Graham. “If this is not a drafting error then it’s the worst idea I’ve seen in a long time.”
Graham’s proposal was to cap UI benefits at a person’s normal salary, up to $600 per week. But his group got swift pushback from its own party. Finance Committee chair Chuck Grassley said the bill already contains incentives for businesses to keep employees on the payroll, and nobody who leaves a job voluntarily is eligible to receive UI. He rejected the caps as unfeasible, given the urgency of passing the bill.

“Each state has a different UI program, so the drafters opted for a temporary across-the-board UI boost of $600, which can deliver needed aid in a timely manner rather than burning time to create a different administrative regime for each state,” said Grassley spokesperson George Hartmann.

So, as I understand it, unemployment is normally capped at 2/3 of your salary in the best quarter of the last 12 months, up to a maximum of $430 per week, which is around $10.75 an hour full time equivalent. However, this bill will be giving a flat extra $600 per week to everyone collecting unemployment, and remove the need to be looking for a job (though honestly how could that be enforced right now). $1030 / 40 = $25.75, and you'd have needed to be making around $33,500 per year before getting laid off to collect the full amount.

Get laid off from Walmart and for the next 4 months you can collect the equivalent of a $53,500 annual salary.

I normally make a fair bit more than this, but I'm likely to see reduced hours and, if I'm just looking at take-home pay, I might break even or even be slightly better off with unemployment, nevermind also having a ton of time to work on my house.
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