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I'm thinking luxury vehicle purchases will tank even more from lack of consumer demand than lack of supply. Most trucks will probably have some weak sales numbers due to high prices as well.

Cheap gasoline (to the extent that it is now) is temporary, in large part due to a Saudi-Russia price war, but it wasn't enough to halt SUV sales. I doubt it'll be much of a factor in what people buy - cost of ownership doesn't seem to be nearly as much of a factor as price to get into a vehicle for most.

I think to some extent we'll see deals on most new cars, but more likely we'll see manufacturers ramp up lower trim and more basic vehicles. Ford might be in some trouble given that they don't have anything to sell for any less than twice the price of some of Nissan's and Mitsubishi's vehicles.

Used car prices will likely go up. New, probably down ultimately but I can't say for the short term.
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