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Originally Posted by vskid3 View Post
What has you so obsessed with the Centurion? Ya it looks cool, but it doesn't really get over 100MPG unless you're willing to take a few hours on your commute. According to this article, it gets 128MPG at a constant 35MPH, and around 40MPG in normal driving. The reason it gets good mileage is the tiny diesel (that tops out at 55MPH), not really the aerodynamics.
So, just for readers coming across this, I'd like to set the record straight:
The Green Car Reports article pulls directly from Lane Motor Museum's account of the "Burlington Cars" built Centurion and not from their own experience with the car. Not a problem for Green Car Reports, or even Lane Motor Museum for that matter, the problem is the car at Lane is one example, and one I question. After discussions with Mr. Riley, we both agree there is an issue with that car, and we know the build was deviated from just in appearance alone.

In contrast, I have three Centurions: Riley's original, the gray one I built, and a fully electric one. Riley's original will beat his original numbers without modification and without hypermiling. 55 mph is not the top speed limit of a Centurion by any means (my gray one tops out at 88 mph and there's still headroom). All three Green Grand Prix events that Centurion went to are very well documented as-is all the trips driving to and from the event (uncut footage from in-car cameras).

At those events (2015, 2016, 2017) Centurion went up against some pretty stiff competition, on the same track, same conditions, same 100 miles with one mandatory stop, with two people in the car per their rules and the mpg for all contestants at the end of the day speaks for itself. Eventually Centurion's numbers will be beat at the event, but I'm not seeing that yet..

I have a lot on my laundry list, but somewhere in it is reviving Riley's original (which I did start) and then onto the electric if batteries ever get viable for electric cars - they need one more leap. Should that happen I'll start a separate thread for that car.
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