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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post

For the record here is my Polymetal picture from 2015. Sheared, rolled and braked with a hand operated bench brake with an 18" lever arm. I'd like to see 5ft rollers made from old water heater tanks to roll full sheets.

Chris Runge is on that other level. A practical project might be an EMPI Imp in stainless steel.

[Tesla-powered?] Cyber Dune Buggy

For comparison, a 2-door Type 181 in aluminum.

I can imagine a situation where you put a strip of metal in a U-shaped buck and then pass a nylon roller back and forth incrementally conforming a cycle fender. The edges that were held in the form would be trimmed, else bead rolled and wire-wrapped in a separate operation.
Some metals begin fully annealed and work-hardens during forming. In order not to tear the metal, it may require re-annealing as you draw it deeper and deeper towards the finished product.
Around a decade ago, Chrysler mentioned that some of their body panels required six separate stamping operations, six sets of stamping dies, plus the multi-thousand-ton presses to force the sheetmetal to the depth of the final shape.
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